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11.3.14. How to Get Help

Knowing how to get help in SuperCollider is going to play a large part in determining whether you have a productive or frustrating relationship with the language and its components. There are a large number of ways to get help, but here are some of the most helpful. Use the SuperCollider Help Files

SuperCollider comes with an extensive collection of help files, which contain the answers to most of your problems. The difficulty will be in finding the solution - it's not always located where you think it is, because it often isn't the solution you think it will be.
On Fedora Linux systems, the main help file is located at [file:///usr/share/SuperCollider/Help/Help.html this URL], and it can be viewed in any web browser. It may also be helpful to browse the directory structure of the help files, located at [file:///usr/share/SuperCollider/Help this URL], which can also be viewed in your web browser.
If you're looking for further explanations of material in this tutorial, you could start by reviewing the [file:///usr/share/SuperCollider/Help/Tutorials/Getting-Started/Getting%20Started%20With%20SC.html Getting Started With SuperCollider] tutorial, on which this document is based. The sections in that tutorial roughly correspond to the sections in this guide.