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11.2.3. Executing Code in GEdit

You can execute code directly from GEdit, without having to use sclang from the command-line.
  1. Ensure that SuperCollider mode is enabled, and that a server has been started.
  2. Select the code that you wish to execute. A single line of code may be executed simply by placing the text-input cursor on that line.
  3. Press 'Ctrl+E' on the keyboard, or from the menu select 'SuperCollider > Evaluate'
  4. To stop all sound on the server, press 'Esc' on the keyboard, or from the menu select 'SuperCollider > Stop Sound'
  5. If the server successfully executes the code, then it will output something to the "SuperCollider output" pane. The output will be different, depending on what SuperCollider asked the server to do, but will usually either look like this:
    Synth("temp_0": 1000)
    or this:
    RESULT = 0