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11.2.4. Other Tips for Using GEdit with SuperCollider

  • If you close GEdit while the SuperCollider server is running, then GEdit will automatically shut down the server.
  • If JACK is started by SuperCollider, then it will automatically terminate when the SuperCollider server terminates.
  • SuperCollider will automatically attempt to connect its outputs to the system's outputs. If your audio output doesn't work, then you should use QjackCtl to verify that it is correctly connected.
  • Other functions available in the SuperCollider menu include:
    • Find Help (Opens the SuperCollider help file for currently-selected object).
    • Find Definition (Opens the SuperCollider source file for the currently-selected object).
    • Restart Interpreter (Restarts the SuperCollider interpreter; also closes running servers, but does not restart them).
    • Clear output (Clears all output from the "SuperCollider output" pane).