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11.2.2. Enable SuperCollider Mode and Start a Server

These steps should be followed every time you open GEdit, and wish to use the SuperCollider extension.
  1. Choose ToolsSuperCollider Mode
  2. A SuperCollider menu should appear, and a window at the bottom which says, "SuperCollider output".
  3. If you cannot see the window at the bottom, then select ViewBottom Pane from the menu, so that it shows up. It is sometimes important to see the information that SuperCollider provides in this window.
  4. After enabling SuperCollider mode, the window should display a series of notices. Near the end should be something like this:
    RESULT = 0
    Welcome to SuperCollider, for help type ctrl-c ctrl-h (Emacs) or :SChelp (vim) or ctrl-U (sced/gedit)
    If this window gives a non-zero value for "RESULT," then an error has probably occurred, and you should scroll up to see what it is, and try to fix it. If you receive the following warning: "The GUI scheme 'swing' is not installed" then you will not be able to run any SuperCollider prorams that use a GUI (graphical user interface). The GUI components are not used anywhere in this Guide, and they are highly optional.
  5. You will probably also want to start a server at this point, so from the menu select 'SuperCollider > Start Server'.
  6. After the server starts, you should see messages from "JackDriver". If a JACK server is not already started, then SuperCollider will start one automatically.
  7. If the SuperCollider server started successfully, you should see a message similar to this:
    SuperCollider 3 server ready..
    JackDriver: max output latency 46.4 ms
    notification is on