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11.2. Using GEdit to Write and Run SuperCollider Programs

The supercollider-gedit package installs an extension for GEdit which allows editing and running SuperCollider code from within GEdit. There are also SuperCollider extensions for the emacs and vim text editors. This tutorial uses the GEdit extension, because it is easier to learn how to use GEdit than vim or "emacs."

11.2.1. Enable and Configure SCEd in GEdit

These steps should be followed the first time that you use GEdit's SuperCollider extension.
  1. Start GEdit
  2. Open the Preferences window (from the menu, choose EditPreferences)
  3. Choose the 'Plugins' tab, and scroll down to Sced, then make sure that it is selected.
  4. Click on the Configure Plugin button, then select a runtime folder where the SuperCollider server will store any synth sent to it during program execution. The safest place for this folder could be a sub-folder of the location where you will store your SuperCollider code.