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2.2. Overview of Supported File Systems

This section shows basic technical information on each file system supported by Fedora 14.
Table 2.1. Technical Specifications of Supported File Systems
File System Max Supported Size Max File Size Max Subdirectories (per directory) Max Depth of Symbolic Links ACL Support Details
Ext2 8TB 2TB 32,000 8 Yes N/A
Ext3 16TB 2TB 32,000 8 Yes Chapter 6, The Ext3 File System
Ext4 16TB 16TB 65,000[a] 8 Yes Chapter 7, The Ext4 File System
XFS 100TB 16TB 65,000[a] 8 Yes Chapter 8, The XFS File System

[a] When the link count exceeds 65,000, it is reset to 1 and no longer increases.


Not all file systems supported by Fedora 14 are documented in this guide. In addition, file systems (e.g. BTRFS) that are unsupported in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 are not documented herein either.