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Chapter 1. Overview

1.1. What's New in Fedora 14
The Storage Administration Guide contains extensive information on supported file systems and data storage features in Fedora 14. This book is intended as a quick reference for administrators managing single-node (i.e. non-clustered) storage solutions.

1.1. What's New in Fedora 14

This release of Fedora features several improvements in file system support and storage device management. Support for the following file systems have now been added:
  • ext4
  • GFS2
  • XFS
Fedora 14 also features the following file system enhancements:

File System Encryption

You can now encrypt a file system at mount using eCryptfs, which provides an encryption layer on top of an actual file system. This "pseudo-file system" allows per-file and file name encryption, which offers more granular encryption than encrypted block devices. For more information about file system encryption, refer to Chapter 11, Encrypted File System.

File System Caching

FS-Cache allows you to use local storage for caching data from file systems served over the network (e.g. through NFS). This helps minimize network traffic, although it does not guarantee faster access to data over the network. FS-Cache allows a file system on a server to interact directly with a client's local cache without creating an overmounted file system. For more information about FS-Cache, refer to Chapter 10, FS-Cache.

I/O Limit Processing

The Linux I/O stack can now process I/O limit information for devices that provide it. This allows storage management tools to better optimize I/O for some devices. For more information on this, refer to Chapter 17, Storage I/O Alignment and Size.

ext4 Support

The ext4 file system is fully supported in this release. It is now the default file system as of Fedora 13, supporting an unlimited number of subdirectories. It also features more granular timestamping, extended attributes support, and quota journalling. For more information on ext4, refer to Chapter 7, The Ext4 File System.

Network Block Storage

Fibre-channel over ethernet is now supported. This allows a fibre-channel interface to use 10-Gigabit ethernet networks while preserving the fibre-channel protocol. For instructions on how to set this up, refer to Section 20.7, “ Configuring a Fibre-Channel Over Ethernet Interface”.