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9.3.3. Overriding or Augmenting Site Configuration Files

It can be useful to override site defaults for a specific mount point on a client system. For example, consider the following conditions:
Given these conditions, let's assume that the client system needs to override the NIS map auto.home and mount home directories from a different server. In this case, the client will need to use the following /etc/auto.master map:
/home ­/etc/auto.home
And the /etc/auto.home map contains the entry:
Because the automounter only processes the first occurrence of a mount point, /home will contain the contents of /etc/auto.home instead of the NIS auto.home map.
Alternatively, if you just want to augment the site-wide auto.home map with a few entries, create a /etc/auto.home file map, and in it put your new entries and at the end, include the NIS auto.home map. Then the /etc/auto.home file map might look similar to:
mydir someserver:/export/mydir
Given the NIS auto.home map listed above, ls /home would now output:
beth joe mydir
This last example works as expected because autofs knows not to include the contents of a file map of the same name as the one it is reading. As such, autofs moves on to the next map source in the nsswitch configuration.