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19.8. Configuring Automatic Reporting

ABRT can be configured to automatically report any detected issues or crashes. The following steps show how to enable this feature:
  1. In your /etc/abrt/abrt.conf configuration file, for each analyzer, change the list of reporters according to your needs, for example:
    [ AnalyzerActionsAndReporters ]
    Kerneloops = Logger
    CCpp = Logger
    Python = Logger
  2. In the configuration files corresponding to each analyzer plugin (that is, /etc/abrt/plugins/CCpp.conf, /etc/abrt/plugins/Kerneloops.conf and /etc/abrt/plugins/Python.conf), add the following line:
    AutoReportUIDs = USERNAME
    where USERNAME represents a user whose detected crashes and issues will be automatically reported via your specified reporters. You can specify multiple users by separating them with a comma (,).