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19.4. Generating Backtraces

In order to analyze a reported crash, developers need as much detail about the crash as possible. A stack backtrace is an important source of information when a crash in a binary program (caught by the CCpp analyzer plugin) occurs.
ABRT is configured to generate a backtrace whenever a crash is reported through the ABRT GUI application or the ABRT command line interface.
ABRT completes the following steps to generate a backtrace:
You can change the following backtrace generation parameters in the /etc/abrt/plugins/CCpp.conf file:

19.4.1. Troubleshooting Backtrace Generation

In some cases, a long delay in the ABRT GUI application occurs after choosing a crash and pressing the Report button. In this case, open the Details in the Generating backtrace window and examine the messages.
The following is a typical output seen in the Generating backtrace window:
Starting the debuginfo installation
Getting list of build IDs
12 missing debuginfos, getting package list from cache
12 missing debuginfos, getting package list from repositories
Downloading 7 packages
Download 1/7: acl-debuginfo-2.2.49-6.fc13.x86_64
Unpacking: acl-debuginfo-2.2.49-6.fc13.x86_64.rpm
Caching debuginfo:
Download 2/7: firefox-debuginfo-3.6.7-1.fc13.x86_64
Unpacking: firefox-debuginfo-3.6.7-1.fc13.x86_64.rpm
Caching debuginfo:
Caching debuginfo:
Download 7/7: zlib-debuginfo-1.2.3-23.fc12.x86_64
Unpacking: zlib-debuginfo-1.2.3-23.fc12.x86_64.rpm
Caching debuginfo:
All needed debuginfos are present
Generating backtrace
This process is performed by the /usr/bin/abrt-debuginfo-install shell script. This script uses a temporary directory (e.g. /var/run/abrt/tmp-29177-1283344373) for its operations. Normally, this directory is removed when abrt-debuginfo-install exits.
If the debuginfo installation hangs, or is unable to download anything, you may debug the problem by editing the abrt-debuginfo-install script. Change the following parameters:
at the top of the script to:
The first parameter instructs abrt-debuginfo-install to be verbose, the second parameter instructs abrt-debuginfo-install to not delete the /var/run/abrt/tmp-NNN-NNN directory. You can examine the log files in this directory, they may contain useful error messages.
abrt-debuginfo-install uses yum and yumdownloader to handle the debuginfo packages. In order to quickly check that your yum configuration does not cause any problems which prevent abrt-debuginfo-install from working properly, change to the /tmp directory and run the following commands, as root:
tmp]# yum --enablerepo=*debuginfo* --quiet provides /usr/bin/true
tmp]# yumdownloader --enablerepo=*debuginfo* --quiet coreutils
Both of these commands should complete successfully, with no error messages. The second command should download the coreutils-*.rpm file. If any error messages appear, check your yum configuration files in the /etc/yum.repos.d/* directory and the /etc/yum/* directory. If any of these commands hang, check that you do not have another instance of yum running, and that your network connection is working properly.