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15.3.5. Adding an IPP Printer

An IPP printer is a printer attached to a different system on the same TCP/IP network. The system this printer is attached to may either be running CUPS or simply configured to use IPP.
If a firewall is enabled on the printer server, then the firewall must be configured to allow incoming TCP connections on port 631. Note that the CUPS browsing protocol allows client machines to discover shared CUPS queues automatically. To enable this, the firewall on the client machine must be configured to allow incoming UDP packets on port 631.
Follow this procedure to add an IPP printer:
  1. Open the New Printer dialog (refer to Section 15.3.2, “Starting Printer Setup”).
  2. In the list of devices on the left, select Network Printer and Internet Printing Protocol (ipp) or Internet Printing Protocol (https).
  3. On the right, enter the connection settings:
    the hostname for the system that controls the printer
    the queue name to be given to the new queue (if the box is left empty, a name based on the device node will be used)
    Adding an IPP printer
    Networked IPP Printer
    Figure 15.5. Adding an IPP printer

  4. Optionally, click Verify to detect the printer.
  5. Click Forward to continue.
  6. Select the printer model. Refer to Section 15.3.8, “Selecting the Printer Model and Finishing” for details.