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15.3. Printer Configuration

The Printer Configuration tool serves for printer configuring, maintenance of printer configuration files, print spool directories and print filters, and printer classes management.
The tool is based on the Common Unix Printing System (CUPS). If you upgraded the system from a previous Fedora version that used CUPS, the upgrade process preserved the configured printers.

Using the CUPS web application or command line tools

You can perform the same and additional operations on printers directly from the CUPS web application or command line. To access the application, in a web browser, go to http://localhost:631/. For CUPS manuals refer to the links on the Home tab of the web site.

15.3.1. Starting the Printer Configuration Tool

With the Printer Configuration tool you can perform various operations on existing printers and set up new printers.
On the upper panel, go to Activities, choose Applications and click Printing. Alternatively, run the system-config-printer command from the command line to start the tool.
The Printer Configuration window depicted in Figure 15.2, “Printer Configuration window” appears.
Printer Configuration window
Printer Configuration window
Figure 15.2. Printer Configuration window