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B.4. ipa Host Commands

This is a collection of subcommands which manage the client, or host, configuration within the FreeIPA domain.

B.4.1. ipa host-add

Adds a new FreeIPA client machine to the domain manually. This is done as part of the enrollment process.

B.4.1.1. Syntax

ipa host-add hostname [ --desc="description" ] [ --locality="cityName" ] [ --location="loction" ] [ --platform="hardware_description" ] [ --os="OS_version" ] [ --password="enrollment_password" ] [ --random ] [ --certificate="base64_cert" ] [ --force ] [ --no-reverse ] [ --ip-address=IPaddress ]

B.4.1.2. Options

Command Description
choice="plain"> hostname Sets the name of the host entry to create, based on the fully-qualified domain name of the host.


This must be a valid DNS name, which means only numbers, alphabetic characters, and hyphens (-) are allowed. Other characters, like underscores, in the hostname will cause DNS failures.
--desc="description" Gives a text description of the host.
--locality="cityName" Gives the geographical location, usually a city, where the host machine is.
--location="loction" Gives the physical location, like a colocation facility, room number, or rack, where the host machine is.
--platform="hardware_description" Gives a hardware description of the host machine.
--os="OS_version" Gives the operating system type, such as "Fedora 15".
--password="enrollment_password" For a bulk enrollment, manually sets a password to use to proceed with the enrollment.
--random For a bulk enrollment, randomly generates a password to use to proceed with the enrollment.
--certificate="base64_cert" Contains the full base 64-encoded blob for a server certificate for the host.
--force Forces the server to create a host entry with the given name, even if the hostname cannot be resolved in DNS.
--no-reverse Skips DNS reverse lookups for the hostname.
--ip-address=IPaddress Adds the host machine using its IP address, rather than the hostname.