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B.3. ipa DNS Commands

There are a collection of commands used to add and manage DNS zones and DNS records.

B.3.1. ipa dnszone-add

Creates a new DNS zone in the FreeIPA server.

B.3.1.1. Syntax

ipa dnszone-add zoneName [ --name-server=name ] [ --ip-address=IPaddress ] [ --name-from-ip=IPaddress ] [ --admin-email=email ] [ --serial=# ] [ --refresh=# ] [ --retry=# ] [ --expire=# ] [ --minimum=# ] [ --ttl=# ] [ --class=name ] [ --update-policy=string ] [ --allow-dynupdate ] [ --force ]

B.3.1.2. Options

Parameter Description
zoneName Sets the name of the new zone. This is required.
--name-server=name Gives the name of the authoritative DNS server to use, based on the hostname.
--ip-address=IPaddress Sets a DNS name server to use with the FreeIPA domain, based on the IP address.
--name-from-ip=IPaddress Gives an IP address for the DNS zone to use to create a reverse zone name.
--admin-email=email Gives the email address of the DNS domain administrator.
--serial=# Sets the serial number to use for the DNS start of authority (SOA) record.
--refresh=# Sets the time interval to use to check for updated SOA records.
--retry=# Sets the time to wait before retrying a failed name resolution attempt.
--expire=# Sets the time to hold successful resolution attempts in the cache before they expire.
--minimum=# Sets the time to hold negative or failed resolution attempts in the cache.
--ttl=# Sets how long to hold SOA records in the cache.
--class=name Sets a SOA record class for zone entries.
--update-policy=string Sets a BIND service policy.
--allow-dynupdate Enables domain clients to update their own DNS entries dynamically.
--force Forces a zone to be created in the FreeIPA configuration even if the name server is not recognized by the DNS.