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Revision History

Revision History
Revision 0.027 July 2010Christopher Antila
Initial creation of book by publican
Revision 0.12 August 2010Christopher Antila
First publically-available draft in DocBook format.
Revision 0.23 August 2010Christopher Antila
Revised section headings.
Improved and consistent-ified "Requirements and Installation" for DAWs
Revision 0.34 August 2010Christopher Antila
Significantly revised Audacity chapter.
Updated JACK installation slightly.
Revision 0.45 August 2010Christopher Antila
Added all external and internal links.
Added all images.
Revision 0.56 August 2010Christopher Antila
Re-formatted ex-<pre> tags.
Changed images to <inlinemediaobject>, where appropriate.
Revision 0.67 August 2010Christopher Antila
Added tables to SuperCollider chapter.
Reviewed <code> tags, all but Basic Programming in SC.
Revision 0.78 August 2010Christopher Antila
Reviewed use of <code> tags in "Basic Programming in SC" chapter.
Searched code for '' or ''' and replaced them with <emphasis> where appropriate.
Formatted bibliography/book-list in the Solfege chapter.
Revision 0.827 August 2010Christopher Antila
Re-wrote the JACK installation instructions, to incorporate the fact that jack2 will be in F14
Made other minor revisions to the sound servers section.
Revision 0.96 September 2010Christopher Antila
Added links to tutorial files.
Incorporated some comments from external sources.
Changed numbering of Revision History.
Added list of links that need to be updated with every release, to Musicians_Guide.xml
Updated Audacity to make it publish-able.
Replaced instances of "Fedora 14" with "Fedora $PRODVER;"
Revision 14.923 December 2010Christopher Antila
Changed version numbering to correspond more closely to the intended Fedora release version.
Removed "asdf" part introductions.
Updated entity (.ent) file for Fedora 15.
Updated hard-coded links to supplemental files for Fedora 15.
Changed subtitle to remove possessive ("Fedora Linux's").
Revision 14.9.126 December 2010Christopher Antila
Fixed Bug 665663 ("URLs to all Tutorial Files Are Broken") for Fedora 15.
Re-wrote Section to fix the first error in Bug 654187.
Renamed some section in Chapter 12, making them easier to translate (I hope).
Revision 14.9.22 January 2011Christopher Antila
Reformatted dates in Revision History.
Re-wrote Section to fix the second error in Bug 654187.
Revision 14.9.328 January 2011Christopher Antila
Added fix for Bug 670520.
Revision 14.9.427 February 2011Christopher Antila
Added fixes for Bugs 677362 and 674335.
Revision 14.9.52 May 2011Christopher Antila
Added fix for Bug 665660.
Revision 15-1.021 May 2011Christopher Antila
Published for Fedora 15.
Revision 15-1.0.13 June 2011Christopher Antila
Fixed Bug 710332.