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Chapter 9. Rosegarden

9.1. Requirements and Installation
9.1.1. Knowledge Requirements
9.1.2. Software Requirements
9.1.3. Hardware Requirements
9.1.4. Other Requirements
9.1.5. Installation
9.2. Configuration
9.2.1. Setup JACK and Qsynth
9.2.2. Setup Rosegarden
9.3. Rosegarden and LilyPond
9.4. Write a Song in Rosegarden (Tutorial)
9.4.1. Start the Score with a Bass Line
9.4.2. Add a Percussion Track
9.4.3. Spice up the Percussion
9.4.4. Add a Melody
9.4.5. Possible Ways to Continue

9.1. Requirements and Installation

9.1.1. Knowledge Requirements

Rosegarden's user interface is similar to other DAWs. We recommend that you read Section 6.4, “User Interface” if you have not used a DAW before.

9.1.2. Software Requirements

Rosegarden uses the JACK Audio Connection Kit. You should install JACK before installing Rosegarden. See Section 2.3.1, “Installing and Configuring JACK for instructions to install JACK.

9.1.3. Hardware Requirements

You need an audio interface to use Rosegarden. If you will record audio with Rosegarden, you must have at least one microphone connected to your audio interface. You do not need a microphone to record audio signals from other JACK-aware programs like FluidSynth and SuperCollider.

9.1.4. Other Requirements

You need a MIDI synthesizer to use Rosegarden as a MIDI sequencer. You can use hardware-based and software-based synthesizers with Rosegarden. We recommend using the software-based FluidSynth MIDI synthesizer. See Chapter 10, FluidSynth for information about FluidSynth.

9.1.5. Installation

Use PackageKit or KPackageKit to install the rosegarden4 packge. Other required software is installed automatically.