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7.4.5. Compare Multiple Recordings of the Same Thing

Part of the power of recording with a DAW is that the same material can be capture multiple times. Mixing and matching like this allows us to seek the "perfect" performance of a piece of music. A few of the regions in this file are multiple takes of the same material. There are a few occasions where we can definitively say that one is better than the other, and there are a few occasions where it depends on your personal taste. This section covers techniques that can be used to further cut up the audio, in this case with the end goal of comparing and choosing preferred sections. Not all choices will be made yet. Clarinet_1 and Clarinet_2 Regions

  1. Listen to the Clarinet_1 and Clarinet_2 regions. They're the same musical material, and they're nearly identical, so it's too early to decide which one to use. But, let's label them so that we know they're the same.
    1. Select the "Clarinet_1--L" region from the region list in the session toolbar by left-clicking on the triangle to the left of the blue name, so the white name appears, and left-clicking once on the white name. Remember that the white region was created when you trimmed the empty area out of the original (blue) region.
    2. Then click again on the white name, and a text box will appear.
    3. Change the textbox so it says "Clarinet_1A--L"
    4. Press 'Enter' on the keyboard to set the name.
    5. Rename the following regions as shown:
      • "Clarinet_1--R" becomes "Clarinet_1A--R"
      • "Clarinet_2--L" becomes "Clarinet_1B--L"
      • "Clarinet_2--R" becomes "Clarinet_1B--R"
    6. Since Clarinet_1 and Clarinet_2 represent the same musical material, we've renamed them to show it. Now, they're both Clarinet_1, with two versions, "A" and "B."
  2. There will be some naming inconsistencies at this point: the blue-coloured regions still have their original names, and the canvas area doesn't have any region called "Clarinet_2"! If this bothers you, you can rename the other regions to suit.