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7.2.8. Recording More

After you have recorded one region, you will probably not have everything that you want. There are many ways to continue recording, depending on what still remains to be recorded. To Continue the Same Session

This is what you'll want to do if, for example, you were recording a session and decided to take a ten-minute break. It will work for any situation where you want to continue a session that already started recording.
  1. move the transport to somewhere after what you've already capture. You can do this either by using the forward/reverse and play/stop buttons on the transport, or by finding the point in the timeline where you want the transport to be, and then left-clicking somewhere in the time-line.
  2. Verify that the connections and levels are still set correctly.
  3. Verify that the recording tracks are still armed.
  4. Arm the transport.
  5. Start the transport when ready to record.