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7.2.7. Recording a Region

As you progressively record a session, you will create at least one region. Warning about audio being put out the "audition" output by default (use headphones)
  1. Ensure that the inputs, timeline, and tracks are properly set up.
  2. if there is nothing to the left of the editor window, press Ctrl+E or 'View > Show Editor Mixer'
  3. Select the track you're recording onto
  4. set the metering point to "input" and verify that it's working correctly and connected to the right thing (say what this does, and why you want to do it now)
  5. See "Adjusting Recording Volume" below, and do it now
  6. Arm the track for recording: either press "Record" in the track's mixer in the left, or press the small red record button on the track itself
  7. the buttons will remain lighted to show that the tracks are armed
  8. arm Ardour for recording by select the big red record button on the transport
  9. start the transport in in the normal way (big play button)
  10. when you're done recording, stop the transport with the big stop button
  11. each time you start and stop the transport, a new "region" is produced
  12. each time you stop the transport, Ardour "un-arms" itself, but any tracks that you selected are still armed
  13. When you've finished recording a region, use the "Regions" box-thing on the right of the interface to rename the region:
    1. Find the region that you just recorded (by default they are named like "Audio 1-1" which is the name of the recording track followed by a hyphen, then a number in ascending sequeuence representing the "take"). Select it.
    2. Click on the title, and a box should surround it.
    3. Change the name to what you want.
    4. Press enter to finish editing the name.