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7.2.5. Setting up the Busses and Tracks

Refer to Section 1.4.2, “Busses, Master Bus, and Sub-Master Bus” for a general discussion of busses. By default, everything that you export from Ardour is sent to a master bus. Busses do not contain regions but function as a batch collecting zone, where you can subject the whole project to a particular filter or volume adjustment.
Procedure 7.1. Add a track for recording
  1. Click TrackAdd Track/Bus
  2. ensure that Tracks is selected
  3. set the number (probably 1)
  4. select the number of input channels (probably Stereo, meaning 2)
  5. select the mode:
    • Normal: creates a new Region for each recording take
    • Tape: destructively records over whatever is already recorded (like a tape)
  6. Click Add to create the track
Procedure 7.2. Rename tracks, to identify them
  1. Click the existing track name in the label to the far left of the track area
  2. Type over the existing name
  3. press Enter