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7.2.3. Setting up the Timeline

At the top of the main Ardour window, to the right of the transport's toolbar, are two relatively large clocks. Right-click the clocks to choose what you want them to display:
If you do not need both clocks, you can turn one of them off.
The snap mode menu is located between the timeline and the clocks. This menu controls where regions may move. You need to change these as you work with a session, depending on the current activity. The left menu contains:
The middle menu controls where to place the grid lines; by timecode, by clock time, by beats and bars, or by regions.
The timeline (which contains many rulers showing different time-marking scales) is located at the top of the canvas area, underneath the toolbars. Use the right-click menu to select which rulers you want to display. The rulers you should choose depends on the clock settings and the snap mode.