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7.3. Files for the Tutorial

These tutorial files represent the material required to create a finished version of a song called "Here Is How," written by Esther Wheaton. The song was released as part of her first album, "Not Legendary," and raw audio source files were later released with the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike licence, available on the Internet at For more information on the artist, please refer to her Esther Wheaton's MySpace Page, available at
The tutorial files are an Ardour project folder, and the audio files themselves. Follow these steps to set up the tutorial.
  1. Download the Ardour project folder from Uncompress the file in a directory where you have at least 1 GiB of free disk space.
  2. Download all of the audio files from Put the files in the Interchange/FMG-HereIsHow/audiofiles subdirectory of the Ardour project folder from the previous step.