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5.5. Recording

This section explains possible ways to use Audacity to record.

5.5.1. Start to Record

This procedure can be used whether you want to record from microphones or from another application on your computer.
  1. Prepare your computer to record. Connect the microphones you want to use, and test them. See Section 5.2.4, “Post-Installation Test: Playback” and Section 5.2.5, “Post-Installation Test: Recording” for instructions to test your equipment.
  2. Check the sample rate and sample format. See Section 5.3.3, “Setting the Project's Sample Rate and Format” for instructions to change the sample rate and sample format.
  3. The Record button shows a red circle. When you are ready to record, click the Record button.
  4. The Stop button shows an orange square. Click the Stop button to stop the recorder.
  5. * Audacity displays the recorded audio in the timeline of a track, as a blue, sound-wave-like shape that represents the volume level. Audacity sometimes displays the blue shape immediately, and sometimes only after you click Stop. When Audacity does not show the blue shape immediately, it does not have enough processor power, and decides to process the audio instead of the blue shape.