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5.7. Save and Export

Audacity saves its data in a format that only Audacity can use. Audacity saves more information than just the audio files, and this information cannot be stored in conventional audio files like OGG, FLAC, or AIFF.
When you want to share your work, or use it in another application, you must export it. When you "export" audio, Audacity converts the Audacity-only file into a conventional audio file. Audacity does not delete the original Audacity-only file, but the exported file cannot be converted into the Audacity-only format.

5.7.1. Export Part of a File

  1. Select the portion of audio that you want to export.
  2. Choose FileExport Selection.
  3. Select the format, filename, and directory of the audio that will be exported. Click Save when you are finished.
  4. Depending on which format you choose, the "Metadata" window appears. You can input this information if you wish.
  5. Audacity processes the audio to export. This may take some time, depending on the audio.