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5.6.5. Adjust the Volume Level

You can adjust the volume level of tracks by adjusting the fader in the track info box. The fader is a horizontal line with a - sign on the left and a + sign on the right. The fader does not change the audio signal itself.
You can also adjust the volume level of a portion of audio, which does modify the audio signal itself. Follow these instructions to adjust the volume level of a portion of audio.
  1. The tutorial's lowest track is very quiet. Click the track's solo button, then listen to the track alone. Most of the track is quiet humming.
  2. Click Selection Tool, then hold down the mouse button to select some audio in one track.
  3. Choose EffectAmplify. When the "Amplify" window opens, it is set for the greatest volume level increase that will not decrease sound quality. You can enable "clipping," which allows you to increase the volume level even more, but will decrease the sound quality.
  4. Use the Amplify tool to adjust the volume level as you wish.