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5.6.3. Align Tracks

You adjust the starting time of the segments.
  1. Click the Time Shift button in the tool-selection toolbar.
  2. Select the track with the segment you want to move. Drag the segment to the left or right to change the time when it starts to play.
  3. You can align the start of one segment with end of another segment. Drag the segment so that the beginning is near the end of the other segment. Drag the track back and forth slowly so a yellow line appears. The yellow line means that there is no silence between the segments, and that the segments do not overlap.
  4. You can move a segment to start at the selection cursor. Click the Selection Tool button, then click on the track where you want the segment to start to play. Choose TracksAlign TracksAlign with Cursor to move the track.
  5. You can move tracks in other ways by using the ToolsAlign Tracks menu choices.
  6. You can select multiple tracks at the same time. Press Shift while you click on each track.
  7. You should listen to each adjustment to confirm that it is correct. Click Selection Tool in the tool-selection toolbar, then click on a track where you want to begin to listen. Press Play to hear the audio.
We aligned the tracks so that they sound nice to us. We tried to make the sound short, and interesting but not confusing. We changed the positions of the tracks many times after this step.