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5.6.6. Remove Noise

"Noise" is part of an audio signal that is not the intended signal. When you listen to music on the radio, you can hear the music, and usually also some noise. When computers record or play audio, the electronic components sometimes create extra noise. The lowest track of the tutorial file has noise created by electronic components in the old notebook computer used to play the CD. Follow these steps to use the "Noise Removal" tool.
  1. Click Selection Tool, then select a small portion of the lowest track.
  2. Choose EffectNoise Removal. The "Noise Removal" window appears. Click Get Profile. The Noise Removal tool uses the selected audio as an example of the noise to remove.
  3. Select the whole track.
  4. Open the "Noise Removal" window. Click OK. The Noise Removal tool processes the audio. The Noise Removal tool is not effective in this example because most of the signal is noise.