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4.2.3. A Possible "Best Practices" Solution

All Fedora Linux users should be grateful to the people working at CCRMA, who help to provide the Planet CCRMA at Home repository. Their work has been instrumental in allowing Fedora to provide the amount of high-quality audio software that it does. Furthermore, the availability of many of CCRMA's highly-specialized software applications through the Planet CCRMA at Home repository is an invaluable resource to audio and music enthusiasts.
On the other hand, Fedora users cannot expect that Planet CCRMA software is going to meet the same standards as Fedora software. While the Fedora Project's primary goal is to provide Linux software, CCRMA's main goal is to advance the state of knowledge of computer-based music and audio research and art.
Where do these two goals meet?
If you want to use your computer for both day-to-day desktop tasks and high-quality audio production, one good solution is to "dual-boot" your computer. This involves installing Fedora Linux twice on the same physical computer, but it will allow you to keep an entirely separate operating system environment for the Planet CCRMA at Home software. Not only will this allow you to safely and securely run Planet CCRMA applications in their most-optimized state, but you can help to further optimize your system by turning off and even removing some system services that you do not need for audio work. For example, a GNOME or KDE user might choose to install only "Openbox" for their audio-optimized installation.
Alternatively, there is the possibility of going half-way: installing only some Planet CCRMA applications, but not the fully-optimized kernel and system components. This would be more suitable for a computer used most often for typical day-to-day operations (email, word processing, web browsing, etc.) If you wanted to use SuperCollider, but did not require other audio software, for example, then this might be the best solution for you.
Ultimately, it is your responsibility to ensure that your computer and its data is kept safely and securely. You will need to find the best solution for your own work patterns and desires.