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4.2.2. Security and Stability

The biggest reason that you should avoid installing the Planet CCRMA at Home repository unless you need its software is security. There are two main security issues with using the Planet CCRMA repositories:
  1. Planet CCRMA is intended for specialized audio workstations. The software is packaged in such a way that creates potential (and unknown) security threats caused by the optimizations necessary to prepare a computer system for use in audio work. Furthermore, these optimizations may reveal software bugs present in non-Planet CCRMA software, and allow them to do more damage than on a non-optimized system. Finally, a computer system's "stability" (its ability to run without trouble) may be compromised by audio optimizations. Regular desktop applications may perform less well on audio-optimized systems, if the optimization process unintentionally un-optimized some other process.
  2. CCRMA is not a large, Linux-focussed organization. It is an academic organization, and its primary intention with the Planet CCRMA at Home repository is to allow anybody with a computer to do the same kind of work that they do. The Fedora Project is a relatively large organization, backed by one of the world's largest commercial Linux providers, which is focussed on creating a stable and secure operating system for daily use. Furthermore, thousands of people around the world are working for the Fedora Project or its corporate sponsor, and it is their responsibility to proactively solve problems. CCRMA has the same responsibility, but they do not have the dedicated resources of the Fedora Project, it would be naive(???) to think that they would be capable of providing the same level of support.