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14.4.3. Configure Yourself

These exercises allow you to choose the focus of your training, rather than using a Solfege preset. When you enter an exercise, you are given a default setup, which is then customized on the "Config" tab in the activity. The following things are customizeable in "Configure Yourself" exercises, but not in the other counterparts:
"Harmonic intervals" allows you to de/select specific intervals between m2 and M10
"Melodic intervals" and "Sing intervals" allow you to de/select specific intervals between m2 and M10, and whether to test them up, down, or both.
"Compare intervals" allows you to select specific intervals between minor second and major tenth. Also allows you to switch between harmonic or melodic intervals independently for the first and second interval.
"Id tone": allows you to choose a "weighting" for each pitch, to conentrate on specific ones. Also allows you to adjust octave displacement to higher or lower octaves.
For all of the rhythm exercises, "binary time" means "simple metre," and "ternary time" means "compound metre." All sections allow you to choose which single-beat rhythms to use when creating the question.