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6.4. User Interface

This section describes various components of software-based DAW interfaces. Although the Qtractor application is visible in the images, both Ardour and Rosegarden (along with most other DAW software) have an interface that differs only in details, such as which buttons are located where.

6.4.1. Messages Pane

The Qtractor messages pane
The messages pane at the bottom of the Qtractor window.
Figure 6.4. The Qtractor messages pane

The messages pane, shown in Figure 6.4, “The Qtractor messages pane”, contains messages produced by the DAW, and sometimes messages produced by software used by the DAW, such as JACK. If an error occurs, or if the DAW does not perform as expected, you should check the messages pane for information that may help you to get the desired results. The messages pane can also be used to determine whether JACK and the DAW were started successfully, with the options you prefer.