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10.4. Configuring Qsynth

When you quit Qsynth, all settings are preserved, and re-used when Qsynth is re-started. This includes settings for additional instances of Qsynth (described below), which are also re-created when Qsynth is re-started.

10.4.1. Starting FluidSynth

  1. Start Qsynth from the Applications menu, or the K Menu
  2. The FluidSynth engine will be started automatically.
  3. The row of buttons at the right of the Qsynth window control Qsynth. The other settings control FluidSynth.
  4. You can use the "Messages" button to display a window containing FluidSynth's output. If FluidSynth doesn't work as expected, you can use this window to view any error message that might have been produced.