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10.2.3. Installation with Qsynth

This installation method is recommended for most users, and will install everything you need to start using FluidSynth.
  1. Use "PackageKit" or "KPackageKit" to install the "qsynth" package.
  2. Review and approve the proposed installation:
    • The installation may include the "fluid-soundfont-gm" package, which is quite large.
If you wish to use FluidSynth from a terminal, without the Qsynth graphical interface, you can enable this capability by installing the fluidsynth package. This package is not needed if you only intend to run FluidSynth with Qsynth, because Qsynth only uses files in the fluidsynth-libs package, which is automatically installed with Qsynth. If you are unsure of whether you should install the fluidsynth package, you can safely install it, even if you never use it. It only uses a small amount of hard drive space.