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13.3. Configuration

Changing these default settings is not necessary, but it may result in a more productive experience.
  1. Chose SettingsConfigure Frescobaldi
  2. In 'General Preferences' check 'Save document when LilyPond is run', or else you will have to save it manually
  3. Review the other options on this page
  4. In 'Paths', only some of the fields will be filled; this is okay.
    • GNOME users might want to set "PDF Viewer" to 'evince'; this will not change the embedded PDF viewer, but it will change what opens when you click "Open PDF" in the bottom pane's 'LilyPond Log'. If left blank, this will open KDE's "Okular".
    • You can fill in the "MIDI Player" path, so that the "Play MIDI" button will work
      • The program "pmidi" is available from the Planet CCRMA at Home repositories, and is a command-line MIDI player; install it with yum; run 'pmidi -l' to see which ports are available; then put "pmidi -p 14:0" in the "MIDI Player" field where "14:0" is instead whatever port you want to use; you'll need a MIDI synthesizer (like FluidSynth) listening
      • or you can use timidity++
    • You can change the "Default Directory" to the place where you store your LilyPond files
    • You can change "LilyPond documentation" if you don't want the right-side-bar "LilyPond Documentation" thing to internet it every time
      • install the 'lilypond-doc' package (it's 44 MB)
      • put "/usr/share/doc/lilypond-doc-2.12.2/index.html" in the field (or in another language if that's what you want)
      • this will need to be updated when LilyPond is updated; if you don't update it, then the built-in "LilyPond Documentation" tab will simply show up blank, instead of with the user guide - so it's harmless if you forget to update
  5. options for the "Editor Component" are the same as those for KWrite
    • I recommend going to the Editing tab, then "Auto Completion" and ensuring that both boxes are un-checked
    • You may want to change other settings here; highly-flexible, customizable, powerful; applies only in Frescobaldi