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12.5.5. Format the Score

We recommend formatting the score after the notes have been inputting. Formatting after inputting helps you avoid making formatting errors. LilyPond works effectively with this approach. Move the Figured Bass

Normally, figured bass parts are below the staves. This example is using the figured-bass feature of LilyPond to do something else, so we're going to move the figured bass so that it's where it needs to be.
  1. the \score{ } section contains everything in the score; notice that the figured bass has the identifier \bassFiguresPart; remove this
  2. scroll up to where it says "bassFiguresPart = ... " and comment it with %
  3. scroll up to where it says "pianoPart = ... " and enter the "\new FiguredBass \figBass" line that you just commented out, on a line between the "right" and "left" staves
  4. now erase the part that you commented in (2) (or leave it there)
  5. Preview the file, and see that the figures now appear between the piano staves