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12.5.2. Start the Score

  1. Open Frescobaldi into a blank document
  2. Use the 'LilyPond > Setup New Score' dialogue
  3. Set the title and composer (and any other field) on the 'Titles and Headers' tab
  4. You need a two staves, so you go to 'Parts' then 'Keyboard' then 'Piano'
  5. You need to label the intervals between the notes, so you choose 'Special' then 'Figured Bass' (we'll put it in the right spot later
  6. You go to the 'Score settings' tab
    1. since you've already played through this example, uncheck "Create MIDI output" and save processing time
    2. your example is in F Major
    3. You want only whole notes, with no barlines; choose a 4/4 time signature, since we'll change this later.
  7. Press 'Try' to get a preview of the score setup - the notes are demonstrative and will not be there
  8. If the setup looks like you want it, then press 'OK' to generate the template