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12.6. Work on an Orchestral Score (Tutorial)

Scenario: You volunteer at a community orchestra, and the conductor decides to play a Haydn symphony. The orchestra does not own any Haydn symphonies, so the conductor asks you if you can help to find a full score and parts. You find a book with the conductor's score, but no parts. You decide to input the score in LilyPond, which will allow you to easily create the missing parts.
This tutorial uses the first movement of Joseph Haydn's "Sinfonia No. 92: Oxford."
When following this tutorial, it is recommended that the reader follows along, creating their replica of this tutorial's PDF.

12.6.1. Files for the Tutorial

You do not need the LilyPond input file to do the tutorial. You do need the PDF output file to do the tutorial. Use the input file if you encounter problems, or to check your result.