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12.7.2. Start the Score

  1. Open Frescobaldi with a new document.
  2. Start the "Setup New Score" tool, by clicking 'LilyPond > Setup New Score' in the menu.
  3. Fill in the following fields on the "Titles and Headers" tab:
    • Title: Impromptu
    • Compuser: Schubert, Franz
    • Opus: Opus 90/4
  4. Switch to the "Parts" tab:
    1. From the "Available parts" list, select "Keyboard instruments"
    2. Select "Piano"
    3. Click "Add"
    4. On the right-hand side of the window, it's possible to add multiple voices from the start. We won't be using this feature, because most of the score is not polyphonic. It is especially convenient in fugues.
  5. Switch to the "Score settings" tab, and adjust the following settings:
    • Key signature: As Major
    • Time signature: 3/4
    • Tempo indication: Allegretto
    • Remove default tagline: checked
    • Adjust other settings as desired - it is recommended to keep the default pitch name language.