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12.7. Work on a Piano Score (Tutorial)

Scenario: At a used music store, you encounter a 60-year-old, hand-engraved copy of a Schubert "Impromptu," but it's been badly damaged by a flood. The store's owner says that, if you can use the score, you can keep it for free. The score is barely legible, so you decide to prepare a copy with a computer notation program.
I'm using Schubert's "Impromptu" Op.90 (D.899) Nr.4, in A-flat major. Published by Edition Peters: 10463, edited by Walter Niemann. We'll be setting the "A" section (from the beginning to the "Trio").
When following this tutorial, it is recommended that the reader follows along, creating their replica of this tutorial's PDF.

12.7.1. Files for the Tutorial

You do not need the LilyPond input file to do the tutorial. You should use the input file if you encounter problems, and to compare your completion. You do need the PDF output file to do the tutorial.