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8.4.5. Marking the First Formal Area

In addition to the transport, Qtractor has two blue place-markers, which sometimes merge into one. The best way to learn the behaviour of the blue place-markers is by using them. They are intended to mark a range in the work area ("main screen").
  1. We're keeping the standard tempo of 120 beats per minute, and the metre is 4/4
  2. Start from the beginning, and listen until the end of the first formal section, which I've decided is about the fourth beat of measure 12 (use the ruler to see).
  3. Mark that point with the blue arrow.
  4. Mark the beginning of the formal area by left-clicking at the beginning of the session. If the transport is at the beginning, then it will hide a blue marker placed at the beginning.
  5. Create a new clip by clicking on "Edit > Clip > New"
  6. The clip editor will appear.