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8.4.7. Repeat the Theme

The beginning of this composition opens with a thirteen-measure (in this Qtractor session) segment that is immediately repeated. If you chose to create a thirteen-measure theme, like we did, you will either need to create a second MIDI segment to cover Beethoven's repeat, or you can do what I did, and copy-and-paste to get an exact repetition of your theme.
To repeat your theme exactly:
  1. Click on the first MIDI segment to select it, then copy it by clicking on 'Edit > Copy' or Control-c
  2. Paste it by clicking on 'Edit > Paste' or Control-v
  3. The cursor will turn into a clipboard icon, and a rectangle will appear to its right. This rectangle represents the clip that is going to be pasted, but first you must select a place to put it.
    1. Move the cursor so that the rectangle appears just after the end (right-most edge) of the first MIDI clip.
    2. You can use the scrollbar arrows to scroll the main window, but it can be difficult, because the cursor has changed.
      • You can also scroll the main window by pressing Control and using your mouse's scroll wheel.
      • You can also scroll by carefully moving the mouse cursor to the edge of the main-part-thing.
    3. It is not important to get the rectangle exactly where it will stay, but just near where it needs to go.
    4. Left-click when you have placed the rectangle where you want it.
  4. Position the transport so that you can listen to the transition from the end of the first clip into the beginning of the second clip. Press Play on the transport control to listen, then stop it when you are done.
  5. If you need to adjust the position of the second clip, then click-and-drag it into the desired position. Re-listen to verify that you placed the clip where you want it to stay.