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8.3.3. Using JACK with Qtractor

Qtractor and QjackCtl are programmed and maintained by the same developers. For this reason, Qtractor offers a QjackCtl-like interface to modify JACK's connections. Furthermore, Qtractor preserves all of the connections with every Qtractor file, so there is no need to use QjackCtl's "patch bay" feature (which does the same thing). However, if you wish to change JACK's settings, you will need to use QjackCtl.
To view the JACK connections window within Qtractor, press the F8 key, or click 'View > Connections'. Pressing F8 again will hide the window. Qtractor's "MIDI" tab displays the devices on QjackCtl's "ALSA" tab.
Qtractor automatically starts JACK, unless it is already running.