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8.3. Using Qtractor

The "Tutorial" section teaches you how to use Qtractor by example. This section is designed to serve as a reference while you complete the tutorial, and for refreshing your memory afterwards.

8.3.1. Using the Blue Place-Markers

In addition to the transport, Qtractor provides two other place-markers. They are blue. Here are some things you can do with the blue place-markers:
  • * Mark a range:
    1. Move the cursor to the place where you want the left-most marker.
    2. Left-click and hold.
    3. Drag the cursor to the location where you want the right-most marker.
    4. Release the button.
    5. The blue markers should mark the particular range.
  • * Mark one particular place:
    1. Move the cursor to the place you want to mark.
    2. Left-click and hold on the location.
    3. Drag the cursor to the right just a little bit.
    4. Two blue markers will appear.
    5. Instead of leaving them separate, move the second blue marker over top the first one.
    6. Release the mouse button.
    7. The arrows should be converged.
  • * Move one of the markers:
    1. Place the cursor over the triangular top of the marker, located in ruler at the top of the track pane.
    2. The cursor should change to show a double-ended, horizontal arrow.
    3. Left-click and drag the mouse.
    4. The blue place-marker should follow the mouse. If it doesn't, then try again. It is sometimes difficult to select the place-marker.