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9.2.2. Setup Rosegarden

  1. 'Edit > Preferences'
  2. Setup "General" as desired.
    • On "Behaviour" tab maybe "Use JACK Transport"
    • On "Extrenal Applications" tab maybe change those to match what's installed (GNOME users)
  3. Setup "MIDI" as desired.
    • On "MIDI Sync" tab maybe set to "Send MIDI Clock, Start and Stop" if Rosegarden is the ultimate controller, or "Accept Start, Stop and Continue" if it's being controlled. Otherwise "Off" is safe.
  4. Setup "Audio" as desired.
    • The preview scale will not affect the audio, just its appearance.
    • Reducing quality from 32-bit to 16-bit may help low-power systems keep up.
    • Changing the external audio editor only affects when you choose to use an extrenal editor.