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9.4.2. Add a Percussion Track

  1. Select the second track, and rename it to "Percussion" (or something else, if you prefer).
  2. In the "Instrument Parameters" portion of the toolbox on the left side of the editor window, check the "Percussion" check-box.
  3. Play the transport for just a second, so that Rosegarden synchronized the re-assignment with FluidSynth
  4. Press 'F3' on the keyboard, or click on the "Draw" tool, which looks like a pencil.
  5. Create a one-measure segment in the second track, then right-click on the segment, and select 'Open in Percussion Matrix Editor'.
    1. The percussion matrix editor is like the matrix editor, but each pitch is labeled with the instrument it triggers.
    2. Experiment with the different instruments and pitches to find a pattern of four quarter notes that you want to repeat in each measure.
    3. When you're happy with your pattern, close the editor.
  6. Select the newly-created percussion segment, then from the menu select 'Edit > Copy'.
  7. Move the transport's playhead to the end of the first measure. First move it to the beginning, then press the "fast forward" button to advance it to the end of the first measure.
  8. Be sure that the second track is still selected.
  9. Press 'Ctrl + v' or from the menu choose 'Edit > Paste' a few times, so that the percussion track fills up the same space as the bassline.