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9.4.5. Possible Ways to Continue

You're on your way to a full MIDI composition. All you need is some inspiration to continue, and some willingness to experiment with more advanced features and tools. If you don't know how to continue, try these suggestions. Remember: you're just starting out, so your first song doesn't have to be interesting or particularly good. Once you learn how to use MIDI composition tools, you'll naturally learn how to create better music with them!
  • Make a simple ternary form (ABA): you've already created the first part (called "A"); so make a transition and a second, different part (called "B"), then another transition and repeat the first part. It doesn't need to be long, but it can be.
  • Make a "variations" form: repeat the part that you've already created several times, but make it slightly different every time. Try several different ways of modifying it: add another melody to go along with the one you have; add extra notes to the existing melody; change the percussion track; write a new bassline; expand the melody so it takes twice as long; combinations of these. Making a variation of an existing section is a common way of making it take more time.
  • Make an expanded version of the existing material, by following your intuition to add more music.
  • Instead of adding a different melody of a repeating bassline and percussion segment, try repeating the melody over and over, creating a new bassline and percussion segments.