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14.2.2. Instruments

  • Tempo: Changes the speed at which examples are played.
    • Default: Applies to everything that isn't an "Arpeggio."
    • Arpeggio: Applies to arpeggios, which are, by default, played at three times the speed of the default tempo. This is standard practice.
  • Preferred Instrument: This MIDI instrument will be used when playing examples.
  • Chord Instruments: For polyphonic voices, these MIDI instruments will be used for the highest, middle, and lowest voices above the bass voice (which takes the "preferred instrument.")
  • Percussion instruments:
    • Count in: This MIDI instrument will be used to give "count in" beats that precede musical examples involving rhythm.
    • Rhythm: This MIDI instrument will be used to dictate rhythm-only examples.