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14.2. Configuration

It is not necessary to configure Solfege. The simple first-time configuration will help to customize the application for your needs, but it is not required. The other configuration options are explained for your reference.
These configuration options are not required, but you may wish to change them. They are all available from the "Preferences" window, accesible through Solfege's main menu: 'File > Preferences'.

14.2.1. When You Run Solfege for the First Time

These steps allow Solfege to automatically customize some questions for you.
  1. Start Solfege.
  2. From the menu, select 'File > Preferences'.
  3. Select the "User" tab.
  4. Input your vocal range, if you know it. Solfege uses this information to assign questions in a comfortable pitch range.
  5. Input your biological gender in the "Sex" field. Solfege uses this information to assign questions in the correct octave.