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14.4.5. Dictation

These dictation exercises are for melodic dictation. There is not a great variety of examples here, and they are either easy or difficult, with no middle-ground.
  1. Click "Dictation"
  2. Choose a level:
    • Volkslieder 1: German folk songs (easy)
    • Volkslieder 2: German folk songs (easy)
    • Parts of 2 Bach inventions: only 2; the hardest of the four categories
    • Norwegian children songs: only 3 (easy)
  3. The clef, key and time signatures are given for you, along with the starting note, and title.
  4. The quarter-note buttons allow you to play only part of the melody.
  5. "Play the whole music" plays both parts of the music.
  6. "Back" and "Forward" shifts through the excerpts for dictation.
  7. It's best to "Play the whole music" as many times as needed (5 - 7 or less maximum, depending on the excerpt).
  8. It's best to avoid playing only part of the music.
  9. Write down the excerpt on paper, then when you're sure that you've finished it correctly, click "Show."
  10. This exercise is self-policing, and does not track progress.