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14.4.6. Harmonic Progressions

These dictation exercises are for harmonic dictation. You will be asked to guess the harmonic progression, but users should also notate at least the outer voices (lowest and highest). It should be noted that these progressions do not follow Common Practice Period harmonic procedures.
  1. Click "Harmonic progressions"
  2. Some harmonic progressions require MMA (as indicated). See below for instructions on installation.
  3. The Non-MMA Categories contain the following chords:
    • "Easy harmonic progressions": I, II, IV, V, VI
    • with Inverisons: add IV6 and V6
    • "Three chords, root position": I, II, III, IV, V, VI
  4. Choose a category.
  5. Click "New" to get a question.
  6. The passage will automatically play once, but you will not get a key signature. If you are notating the dictation, and you do not know which pitches are being used, then you may wish to guess the key, using sol-fa equivalents to know if you're correct.
  7. Click the chord-buttons to input the series of chords that you hear, in order from first to last.
  8. To hear the example again, click "Repeat."
  9. If you make a mistake, click the "Backspace" button to erase the last-input chord.
  10. When you are sure that your answer is correct, click "Guess answer."
  11. To get another question, click "New".